It is important to learn how to choose the right slot because later it will have a positive impact on the dynamics of the gaming process in general for the player. At Bizzo Casino, there is a huge selection of slots, so it is very difficult to make a decision. What indicators should be paid attention to in order to choose the best slot machine?

Percentage of Payments

The theoretical slot return percentage, called RTP, is a guideline for many users. It is believed that if this percentage is higher than 95%, then winning combinations in such machines will fall out by an order of magnitude more often. How this happens in reality, no one knows, because all modern devices are equipped with a random number generator. Refunds are never evenly distributed, and if a player has invested $100 in the game, not necessarily that he will get $95 back. The return percentage can result in a big score, which will be broken by a completely different player who invested less money in the game. Therefore, do not be guided only by this figure, and you should be prepared for possible losses in case of failure.

Payout Ratio

This is another important indicator for those who want to choose the most profitable slot. Players are advised to pay attention to the payout table, which indicates by what figure the winning rate will be multiplied. It is always necessary to look not only at the largest multipliers, but also at the minimum. If even a small bet can bring the results of the player a good profit, and the difference between the minimum and maximum rate is not too high, then this is the best option for playing for real money. 

Slot Volatility


Today there are three types of slots, which are divided according to this indicator. Slots with low volatility offer players frequent, but not too high payouts. Slots with medium volatility please players with regular payments with good size. But slot machines with high volatility give players rarely winning combinations, while the lucky one who manages to win a prize, will become the owner of incredibly large winnings.

Game Strategy

It is necessary to choose the best strategy because many of them are too risky, so their use often leads players to a dead end. Before using any strategy, it is essential to test it in the demo version, which allows you to test the game with no risks.

How to Double the Winnings 

After collecting a winning combination, players can double the bet. To do this, it is necessary to run the risk game. If you guess the card right, you will get a great sum. According to statistics, most often it is possible to double the winnings with the card, which is located second from the right side. It is here most often there is a card with a large value. But if you don’t feel lucky enough, just take your initial winnings and keep playing with fewer risks.

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