Every respectable online casino, including Bizzo CasinoBizzo Casino has a specific license that permits them to operate in a variety of jurisdictions. Despite the fact that the legalizing law includes a variety of procedures to protect players and restrict vulnerable users’ access to the game, many people oppose gambling. We’re busting some major myths regarding online casinos, especially for those who still don’t believe in the concept of a civilized gambling market.

Online Casinos are Designed to Deceive

It is tough to dispute that any gambling company, including internet casinos, is a way for its owners to make money. Some users, on the other hand, see gambling as a method to make a little additional cash, which could be also true, but people usually don’t see it that way. 

The main idea of responsible gambling is that gambling is meant to be fun, but it could also bring you some additional cash. Licensed and honest casinos are not here to deceive you. However, always be aware of your limitations and plan ahead of time how much money you can spend on the game.

Casinos are always profitable; otherwise, they would not exist. At the same time, various legal restrictions are imposed on legal gambling operators, such as the payment of licenses and taxes, the use of registered software, the establishment of gaming equipment with a high proportion of profits returned to players, and so on. Given the foregoing, the marginality of such a firm is frequently far lower than many people believe.

Online Casinos are Unethical 

Many users accuse online casinos of violating different ethical and moral conventions, in addition to religious considerations that prevent them from partaking in gambling. In the majority of cases, such incidents are linked to illicit gambling platforms that do not adhere to legal advertising regulations or the principles of responsible gaming. Platforms will all the required licenses and permissions should always be trusted. 

Online Casinos are a Threat to Personal Information


Those who have ever enrolled on the websites of illicit online casinos are familiar with circumstances in which their personal information is shared with other parties for marketing reasons. 

The legislation “On state control of the organization and conduct of gambling” prohibits users from receiving SMS messages on their phones with offers about the game, bonus programs, and gifts, which is also forbidden by the law. 

Legal operators, on the other hand, are required to use sophisticated encryption techniques to secure all information about players, data about their bets, and payments. So all your personal info is safe. 

Online Casinos Do not Pay Out Winnings

Another issue that users of illegal platforms frequently face is the payment of winnings being delayed for any reason. The current issue facing authorized online casinos is not the immediate distribution of wins, but rather the requirement to pay tax on all player withdrawals.

However, licensed casinos alway pay all the winnings. Depending on your banking method, it may take an hour or so, nevertheless, you will never have a problem with that. All that means is that you simply have to be selective with online casinos. 

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