Besides the official channels, which are usually hosted on Twitch, and some television stations (such as ESPN, SporTV and Bandsports, which also have excellent platforms on the internet), some e-sports betting sites stream the events live.

Even for not having broadcasting rights with astronomical values like major football championships, for example, it is easier for sportsbooks to stream the games.

Even so, some of the major sports betting sites in the world still do not stream games, only offer markets.

And there are some more conservative bookmakers that do not even have an exclusive section for e-sports.

Normally, to have access to the duels, you must be registered and logged in the site, and it may be necessary to have a positive account balance.

So, when you’re watching that naughty LoL match live, make your guess too.

But if you prefer specialised streaming platforms like Watch LoL Esports, no problem. Place your bet and watch the broadcast on the site.

Just beware of the delay and lag, as this can get in the way of live betting.

Live e-sports betting sites

  • 1xBet;
  • 1xBit;
  • bet365;
  • Betwinner;
  • CampoBet.

League of Legends World Cup Predictor: how it works

e-Sports bets

Every year the League of Legends World Championship takes place, and Riot, the game’s developer, always makes a pool and distributes some in-game items to the best placed players.

Something similar to what some football sites do during the World Cup and Blizzard does in some Hearthstone events, where one of the players is chosen and those who voted for him receive prizes according to his performance in the tournament.

It is very simple to participate in the LoL World Predictor. In the last editions it has been this way and there is no reason to believe in changes in the dispute system of the game.

Log in to the LoL sweepstake with your game credentials.

The competition begins in the group phase, in which 16 teams are divided into four groups.

Next, the teams’ positions in their groups are chosen. The top two teams from each group qualify for the quarter-finals. Each team qualifies for 2 points. Got an eliminated team? Another 2 points. If you get the group order right, you get an additional 3 points for each correct guess. Finally, if you got the whole qualifying order right you get 2 extra points. The maximum is 16 points.

Starting in the quarter-finals, predictors must guess the winners to score points on World Cup Predictor. Each guess is worth 5 points.

In the semi-finals, 10 points are awarded for every correct guess. The predictor who guesses the final wins 20 points on the League of Legends Predictor.

The prize is usually made up of items such as summoner icons and emblems.

And, if someone gets 100% right, something none of the 5 million participants of the 2018 LoL World Cup Predictor did, they take the Perfect Pick Cache. In 2019, the League of Legends World Cup Predictor had a perfect match.

In the last edition, it contained all five Ultimate skins (DJ Sona, Udyr Spiritual Guardian, Pulsefire Ezreal, Lux Elementalist and Miss Fortune Exochosmic Avenger).

Predictions, even more free ones, are always great fun, even more so when you’re challenging friends to see who can get ahead.

But, for those who know the teams and follow the LoL season and events, you can, besides taking some cool prizes offered by Riot, sign up on e-sports betting sites, invest and win some money.

If this is the case, it is worth following some advice.

League of Legends World Cup Predictor: tips

e-Sports live betting

In both LoL and e-sports betting, it’s vital to know what you’re doing.

There is no point in simply “kicking” the results.

Studying the characteristics of each team, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, stars and possible absentees and direct confrontations between participants is a giant step towards success.

If you have this knowledge, congratulations. You are already part of a differentiated group, and you can take advantage of this potential.

The second step is to choose a bookmaker who is reliable, legal and who will pay you if you profit from the bets.

In these events, especially in the early stages, there are some bargains. Obviously, because they are soft, they usually pay little.

In this case, a good option is to bet on handicaps (which is to give “free” points to the weaker team, to create a challenge and improve odds) and live markets, which open during the dispute.

This can include final scores, first blood and individual highlights.

For this, it is essential to follow the live matches and know when to enter and, if necessary, when to cash out. Patience and cold-bloodedness are two desirable qualities.

As the phases advance and the matches become more interesting, exploring the markets in search of bargains and trusting the statistics is wise.

In the end, the modality changes, but the science used to make good bets does not.

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