Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it’s no surprise to find that it is also one of the most sought after sports betting. Betting on a football match is quite simple, although there are a number of different ways to do so.

The most common football bet is the money line bet. However, in football, you can not only bet on whether a team will win or lose; you can also predict the goal difference. This means that in a standard football bet, you don’t just get paid money if the selected team wins. Instead, you will have to get the outcome exactly right to avoid a loss.

Increasingly, a form of betting spread known as Asian Handicap has become more and more widely used. Asian Handicapping removes drawings from the equation, allowing players to just take one side or the other. This is done by placing the equivalent of a point spread on the match. When this point spread is expressed as an integer, this leaves the possibility of a push.

However, half-win spreads are common, as are “quarter-win spreads”, where 50% of your bet is settled on the whole number closest to the quarter, and 50% is settled on the half-win spread.

For example, consider a game where your team is favoured by 1.75 goals. If your team wins instead by 2 goals, you will win half your bet (the half that is settled as a 1.5 goal spread), while pushing the other half (the half that is settled as a 2.0 point spread).

Most bets on the total number of goals in a football match are also common, as are bets on what individual players will do during a game.

Basketball: bet on the NBA, the most famous league

As the way the sport works is different from others, basketball allows other types of bets. You can select the winner of the first quarter or the winner of the overall match, for example. Also, the number of baskets scored and points. Betting websites often offer promotions for big leagues such as the NBA. There is even a possibility to make an educated guess while the games are in progress in live basketball betting.

Volleyball betting 

Volleyball betting

Volleyball is played on a professional level by men and women. Whether on the beach or indoors, volleyball has a universal appeal and is played all over the planet. There are a few leagues as well as international competitions and, of course, the Olympics. This means that volleyball is a major feature in most reliable sports betting and punters can place all sorts of different bets and take advantage of numerous volleyball bonuses and promotions.

There are many free volleyball bets available with which punters can choose games, sets, point spreads and totals to name a few. The best volleyball betting sites provide punters with good odds and full coverage of these events.


Rugby is one of the most widespread sports and is becoming better known. It is especially popular in Great Britain and its former dominions. As is the case with cricket, Rugby in all its varieties is not as popular with punters as its little brother – association football. When it comes to predictability in Rugby, it is very difficult to say whether results in rugby are surprising or not. Often, the underdog can win with a better team, but usually, the same favourite clubs win entire competitions.

Tennis sports betting

Tennis sports betting

Allows bets similar to basketball, such as the winner of each set and the overall winner of the match. The most famous tournaments are: ATP, US Open, Roland Garros and Davis Cup. A question that influences the result is the type of floor, such as clay, grass or sand. You can keep an eye on the level of difficulty of each competition to place a killer bet.

Horse Racing

Although horse racing is considered one of the oldest sports of our civilization and when it comes to betting on horse racing, we know that moneymaking bets were created mainly because of this sport. Moreover, most of the betting terminology was created for horse racing betting. Over time, the popularity of horse betting has decreased, but it is still relatively strong, especially in England.

Bookmakers offer various options for this sport, with Tote betting. Most experts agree that racing is not very predictable. This is mainly caused by the fact that in this sport, the most important factor is the horse, its health, form and even the breed. Sometimes, even the best horses lose the race because of the smallest details that distracted them or an injury.

Virtual greyhound racing offers additional options to place bets and have fun in a virtual environment, where computer-generated content recreates and surpasses the self-imposed limits of reality. Building on a tradition of greyhound betting, virtual greyhound racing manages to restore the lost racing atmosphere and bring players closer to the thrill and excitement they seek.

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