One lesson that any bettor should know is that being selective when it comes to betting is key. They add value to the betting market and the majority that customers bet on. They promote these sports, offering more opportunities for the punter.

This should mean that placing your bets on the top sports is the way to go. Well, not exactly.

Betting sites benefit from the fact that the major sports, boosting betting markets, set the odds. This means you are competing against more skilled and experienced punters in the field. It’s not that they are impossible to beat, but it makes it more of a challenge. Betting on less popular sports can be more difficult, but since bookmakers invest less in them, you have a greater opportunity to make some money.

Best betting markets

Sports like football offer all kinds of bets. So instead of placing that 8 times accumulator and hoping for that big win, it would be much wiser to place a 2 or 3 times heavier bet on strong favourites.

If you follow the news and major matches, you should be familiar with the teams and players, know which players make the difference and can make a winning judgement based on what you know.

You are much more likely to make money by placing a bigger bet on definite match winners, rather than betting on a series of matches and hoping that all your results will come through. It is in these smaller markets where you are most likely to unearth a good price opportunity.

How betting odds work


Sports betting odds are a way for customers to predict the outcome of an event and bet an amount of money on the prediction. Bookmakers offer odds to customers and bet against you taking all bets placed.

About the odds, the aim of bookmakers is to provide odds for each side of a bet as long as there is a profit in it. Customers will have the opportunity to bet on any outcome, but ultimately the bookmaker will have an advantage.

Sportingbet has interesting odds for tennis betting

Bookmakers determine the odds in many different ways, whether they are traders, odds buyers or risk analysts. They are always created in a way that reflects the actual chance of each outcome occurring.

However, sports betting odds are constantly changing before the event takes place. A number of things can affect the odds change, such as: the amount of money in the market, the general betting patterns of the public, the specific sports themselves and the events leading up to the game and the odds that different bookmakers are offering.

Ultimately, the odds are always changing and realising what the new prices mean will give you the opportunity to maximise your profit.

The higher odds will always be on the side of the underdog, as the chances of getting it right are lower. Therefore, the favourite pays less.

Payment options: deposits and withdrawals


Most bookmakers are extending the number of payment methods they offer customers – however, there are big differences between them. The leading European companies have debit / credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, cheques and more.

Customers in some countries, where there are restrictions, may only be limited to using e-wallets (providing a degree of anonymity) and this will determine which bookmakers they can use.

In addition, you need to look at whether the sports betting site has payment security certificates on its websites such as Skrill, Trustly, MasterCard or Verified by Visa. It is also good to keep an eye out to understand if they are using a secure, encrypted https domain.

Obviously, the competitiveness of the odds is vital when choosing a bookmaker. 

There are some companies that offer fantastic odds, but when customers try to place a bet at those odds, they fail to receive the advertised rate. Make sure that the platform you choose does not do this by placing a small bet first.

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